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Farmington City Council votes unanimously to purchase two Grand River houses

Farmington City Council voted unanimously to purchase two houses  located at 33104 Grand River Avenue and 33107 Thomas Street at the City Council Meeting on August 21, 2017. The purchase is to help initiate the redevelopment of the Maxfield Training Center site.
This would complete the purchase process for the two properties that the City currently has under option. The City Council unanimously approved the signing of options to purchase these two properties in 2015 and also unanimously voted for the second options in 2016. 
Plans to redevelop the Maxfield Training Center site are still underway. The acquisition of these two parcels is intended to give the City maximum flexibility. The City will continue to maintain the properties, and any change in their status will need to be decided by the Council at a future date.
The City has evaluated existing conditions throughout the downtown including the properties between Warner and School Street on several occasions. A recognizance-level survey was conducted in 2006, and an intensive-level survey was completed in 2010.
From those evaluations, the city created the 2013 Vision Plan – which more than 300 residents and property owners helped to develop – and the 2015 Downtown Area Plan, which focuses on exiting conditions, continued development and redevelopment in the downtown. A Downtown Master Plan update was completed in 2016 which incorporates the city’s Vision Plan and Downtown Area Plan. Concepts for this area are in each of these plans.




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