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Application for Poverty Exemption

Farmington Poverty Exemption Cover Letter

Farmington 2024 Poverty/Hardship Exemption Application

To ensure that your application is complete, includes ALL necessary documentation, and is heard by the Board of Reivew in a timely manner, we are asking you to complete the application form and return it and other required paperwork to our office before the March Board of Review, July Board Review or the December Board of Review. The December Board of Review is the final opportunity for the Board to hear poverty applications for the current tax year. Please check the Board of Review page of our website or call our office for Board of Review dates and times. Incomplete applications or those missing required documentation could result in the delay of processing your application. The Assessor or Board may contact you with additional questions about your application.
You must attach a copy of your most current Michigan Income Tax Form, a copy of your most current Home­stead Property Tax Credit Form and a copy of your most current Federal Income Tax Return (copies must be of the actual form sent into the State or Federal government).  If you or anyone in your household has income resulting from interest payments or dividends, you must also submit year-end financial statements showing the source of the interest income.
If this is the first year you are requesting a reduction due to a hardship, we also ask that you provide the Board with copies of your income tax filings for the two previous years. Two years of income tax forms need to be submitted for all persons residing in your household.  

We are also asking you to read and sign the Waiver of Confidentiality form. It has always been our intent to keep the information you submit to the Board confidential. However, to protect the Board and the City from any liability, we are requiring that this form be signed by all individuals submitting financial information prior to the Board reviewing the information submitted. 
If you have any questions regarding your assessment, the proce­dures for requesting a property tax reduction, or if you need any help completing the form, please call our Assessor, Hannah Jackson, at 248-858-0772.