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Historical Commission

The Historical Commission was established by the City of Farmington in 1973 for the following purpose: 1) to safeguard the heritage of the City by preserving the cultural, social, economic, political and architectural elements having historic significance; 2) to stabilize and improve property values in such districts; 3) to foster and promote civic beautification with emphasis on historical significance; 4) to promote the use of local history for education, pleasure and the welfare of the citizens of the City; and 5) to encourage the collection of records and objects which interpret the history of Farmington, and cooperate in the establishment and operation of a museum or other appropriate center for custody and display of such items. The Historical Commission, consisting of nine members, meets on a monthly basis.

  • 7 members
  • 3-year term
  • Meets on the 4th Thursday at 7 p.m.
 Members Term
Laura Myers - Chairperson 3/31/2023
Chris Schroer - Vice Chair 3/31/2021
Ben Ridderbos 3/31/2023
Vacancy 3/31/2022
Jane Gundlach 3/31/2022
Vacancy 3/31/2023
Vacancy 3/31/2023

Dick Carvell Award

The Dick Carvell Award is given to a person who has demonstrated exceptional commitment to the preservation of Farmington history, by service on the Historical Commission and/or at the Governor Warner Mansion or in another capacity, living or posthumously.

Sharon Bernath receives Preservation Award from Farmington Historical Commission

Named in honor of a long-time volunteer and the heart of the Warner Mansion, the Dick Carvell Award is
given to a person who has demonstrated Sharon-Bernath.jpgexceptional commitment to the preservation of Farmington history.
This year we have the honor of presenting that award to someone who was recruited by Dick Carvell himself, Sharon Bernath.
From the first day she has been full of ideas and an active planner, volunteer and docent. Sharon helped bring back the monthly porch parties, started the Friday Children’s Day and oversees the Saturday Flea market during Founders Festival, organizes and writes scripts for the Ghost Night, runs our moveable gift shop the Warner General Store, and has been one of the faithful who can be counted on for any and all extra tours, especially the children’s tours. Her training as a school librarian helps her capture the interest of the squirmiest visitor.
Sharon is always organizing - finding volunteers and sponsors for the events, hanging decorations, sorting and pricing flea market items, setting out the games, lighting the tiki torches, and making sure everyone is welcome.
Sharon’s crowning achievement, the thing she will be always remembered for, is her founding of the Warnerettes!
One day she mentioned that it would be nice to have a parasol drill team of women dressed as suffragettes to march in the Founders day parade. Within a few weeks she enlisted a group of women and ordered hats, umbrellas, and personally made the sashes with the lettering “Votes for Women”.
That first year a dozen well-rehearsed women stepped out in long black skirts, white blouses, and neckties to march, twirl parasols, campaign for voting rights, and support our own Fred Warner for governor. Sharon herself brings up the rear pounding out the rhythm on a big bass drum.
The following year she had 27 women and invitations from neighboring cities to march in their parades. The Warnerettes now march in Northville’s Victorian parade in the fall and Farmington’s lighted Christmas parade in December. In addition to the twirlers, she added costumed women and children carrying signs and handing out candy and a Model T Ford carrying Fred Warner himself. It was a lucky day when Sharon moved in and met her neighbor, Dick Carvell. Well done, Sharon, well done!

For more information contact:
Laura Myers
Chair, Farmington Historical Commission
248-622-8047 (c), 248-477-0894 (h)

Historical Commission Resources

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 Staff Liaisons and Contacts  
Kevin Christiansen, Economic and Community Development Director 248-474-5500 x2226