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Press Release

Don't Guess - Soil Test!

Release date: 4/27/2011

If your landscape or parks department is fertilizing ANY type of landscape, they should be basing the fertilizer nutrients on the result of a soil test. If the soil is healthy, with organic matter at 12% or above, some reduction in fertilizer quantities is recommended. Experience has shown that even 5% or more organic matter in the soil, combined with proper gardening practices and natural mulches, can also facilitate fertilizer use reduction, water quality protection, and cost savings.

SOCWA has supported Oakland County MSU Extension's "Don't Guess...Soil Test!" program this year by: (1) picking up soil tests in some SE Oakland stores; (2) providing citizen education through the Master Composter program and table displays; (3) posting the flyer on our printed copies; and (4) selling soil tests at our two healthy lawn care seminars. Wayne County MSU Extension is not participating this year, unfortunately. Newspaper and other publicity is being handled by Oakland MSU Extension.

The specially-priced MSU soil test package WITH ORGANIC MATTER INCLUDED is offered by most retailers ONLY during the month of April when free pickup of soil test samples is offered. The price is $19.00, and the results are e-mailed to the customer with specific recommendations. Soil testing and proper fertilization is only one of several key steps for making municipal landscapes "part of the solution to water pollution."



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