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2012 Accomplishments

  • There were no fire or crime related deaths.
  • No public safety personnel were injured or killed in police or fire activities.
  • Serious “Group A” crime decreased 11.3% in 2012. This decrease follows a 4.2% drop in 2011 "Group A" crime.
  • Ninety-nine (99) fewer “Group A” crimes occurred in 2012, compared to 2008. This is a twenty percent (-20%) reduction in five (5) years.
  • Total number of burglaries decreased by six (6) in 2012 (21) as compared to 2011 (27).
  • There were no reported robberies in 2012, down from four (4) in 2011.
  • Five (5) year comparison of "Part B" crimes dropped twenty-five percent (-25%) in 2012 406 from 2008 totals (543).
  • Traffic crashes dropped for the fifth straight year by twenty percent (-20%); 260 accidents in 2012 vs. 326 in 2008.
  • The public safety department continued Apartment Watch patrols conducted by vehicle, bicycle and foot patrols.
  • The public safety department began a Motor Carrier program.  An officer received extensive training and has been aggressive in motor carrier traffic enforcement.  Farmington streets are safer as a result of this assertive enforcement.