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Car Seats (Infant/Child Restraints)

Wood.jpgInfants until at least one year old and at least 20 pounds should be in rear-facing car seats. Infants should ride in the back seat facing the rear of your vehicle. This offers the best protect for your infant's neck.

  • Keep harness straps snug and fasten harness clip at armpit level.
  • Never put an infant in the front seat of a vehicle with a passenger air bag (unless you have a manual cut-off switch and you have turned it off).
  • The back seat is the safest place for kids of any age.

Kids over one year old and between 20 and 40 pounds can be in forward-facing car seats.

  • Route harness straps in upper slots at or above shoulder level.
  • Place car seat in upright position.
  • Fasten harness clip at armpit level.
  • Keep harness straps snug.

Take a minute to be sure your child is riding safely. Study your vehicle owner's manual and car seat instructions carefully.

Send in the car seat registration card to be notified in case your car seat is recalled. If you have any questions, call the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration's Auto Safety Hotline (888-DASH-2DOT).

  • Replace any car seat that has been involved in a crash.
  • Route the safety straps correctly through the car seat.
  • Correctly buckle the car seat into the vehicle.
  • Get a tight fit -- the seat should not move more than one inch from side to side or toward the front o the vehicle.
  • Check your vehicle owner's manual to see if you need a locking clip.

Michigan Law requires that children up to the age of eight must be properly buckled in a car seat/booster while riding in a motor vehicle.

To schedule a car seat inspection, call Fire Marshal W. Wood at 248-699-5146 or email: