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Farmington Road Concrete Reconstruction

Friday, May 14 and Saturday, May 15 road closure

Concrete is anticipated to be poured in the current construction zone on the west side of Farmington Road between Oakland Street and Shiawassee Street (weather depending). In order for the contractor to safely complete this operation, Farmington Road will be closed to all traffic between Grand River and Shiawassee Street on both Friday and Saturday. By completely closing this portion of the road to all traffic the construction process will be expedited and the job will ultimately be completed in a timelier manner. Northbound only traffic will resume after the concrete pouring is completed. Due to this closure, we kindly ask that all residents park in the lighted parking lot of the Salem United Church of Christ at 33424 Oakland Street prior to and during this work.
If you have any specific questions regarding the road construction, such as scheduling, parking or access, please call Mr. Mike McNutt, Construction Inspection for OHM, at (313) 516-4735, Mr. Austin Downie, Engineer for OHM, at (734) 466-4437, the Contractor, Hartwell Cement Co., Mr. Dan O’Malley (248) 789-4155, or the City of Farmington DPW at (248) 473-7250.
Keep children and pets away from the construction operation.  Construction
activities, and the associated equipment that goes with it, is attractive to small children and can be dangerous.  Please keep children away from the equipment, removals, mass grading, and wet concrete.

May 7th Update - Construction and Driveway Closure
On Monday, May 10, 2021 concrete reconstruction of a section of Farmington Road will begin (weather depending) as you have been previously notified. Construction operations will begin on the west side of Farmington Road which will result in necessary driveway closures for those residences beginning on Monday as well. We kindly ask that residents park elsewhere on adjacent streets during this work. We anticipate these closures to last 10-14 days, though this is solely based on receiving passing concrete testing results which would confirm the concrete has cured and gained enough strength for allowable use. Northbound traffic on Farmington Road will be constantly maintained between Oakland St and Shiawassee St.

Additionally, we ask that residents please identify and mark any and all sprinkler heads or other irrigation-related devices in their front yards. Flags or stakes work best though any marking which easily identifies the location is much appreciated. By identifying sprinkler heads and irrigation systems now the possibility for them to be damaged during construction activities is immensely decreased. If you know that you have an irrigation device in your yard which should be identified/marked and you are not able to mark them with anything please feel free to contact one of the listed contacts and we will make sure to work with you in order to get it arked prior to the start of construction.

Please click here for full notice.

On Monday, May 10, 2021 concrete reconstruction of a section of Farmington Road will begin (weather depending). The limits of this construction project extend from Oakland Street to Shiawassee Street. During this project, all northbound traffic will be permitted on Farmington Road, however, all southbound traffic on Farmington will be closed between Oakland Street and Shiawassee Street. Please be aware that driveway closures for those directly within the project limits will be necessary during the project and those residents will be contacted prior to those anticipated closures.

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