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Farmington Road Streetscape Project

We are hoping to have Farmington Road open by Memorial Day

The lights are on, the sidewalks laid, and the plants are blooming.  We anticipate Farmington Road to be open by Memorial Day – weather permitting. The next step is to complete the permanent pavement marking. After the road is striped, we’ll clean up and let the traffic fly (well, cautiously). We will keep you updated as the progress continues. Thank you for your patience, this has been a long process, but the streetscape looks beautiful.


Due to a mild winter, completion of the Farmington Road Streetscape Project resumed Monday, March 6, closing Farmington Road in both directions. The closure is between Orchard Street and Grand River Avenue. By closing the road completely, we can ensure the contractor will be able to wrap up the project in the safest and most efficient manner possible. Alta Loma and Orchard Street intersections will remain open.

ALL LOCAL BUSINESSES WILL REMAIN OPEN DURING CONSTRUCTION; it’s important to continue supporting these downtown merchants.
Please be patient as the project is finalized. As soon as a completion date is set, we will let you know.

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Frequently asked questions

  1. Is the project completed?
First and foremost, no, the project is not entirely completed but the bulk of it has been constructed successfully. The remaining work is planned to be completed in the springtime.
  1. What work will remain?
All western sidewalk work, site improvements at the Chase Bank property adjacent to the sidewalk there, site furnishing installation, and final pavement marking placement.
  1. Will there be more road closures and, if so, for how long?
Yes, we do anticipate one final closure of Farmington Road in the springtime to safely and efficiently complete the project. This final closure is planned to begin in mid-March and last until the end of May/beginning of June. The effects on vehicular traffic then will be the same as they currently are. Please note, this is all weather permitting and exact dates will be made available to the public once they are determined in the late winter/early spring. There are no more closures anticipated for Alta Loma and Orchard as they should remain open even during the springtime work.
  1. What is different now compared to before?
Farmington Road will now have only one (1) lane in each direction instead of two (2) between Alta Loma and Grand River. The center lane will be a turn lane only. Additionally, traffic heading northbound on Farmington Road between Slocum and Alta Loma will experience a change where the northbound center lane is a thru lane only and the right curb lane will be a right turn only lane towards Orchard St. There will be also be a northbound left turn only lane for Alta Loma. Heading southbound on Farmington Road, south of Alta Loma, there will only be one (1) lane before widening back to the existing two (2) lanes near Slocum Drive. Please reference the plan view for the new vehicular traffic pattern.
  1. Are any sidewalks or pedestrian crossings going to be open now?
Yes, all eastern sidewalk and the crossings at Grand River and Orchard Street will be fully open to pedestrians. Additionally, the relocated mid-block crossing (in front of CVS) will be open. Please reference the pedestrian detour diagram for all open and closed sidewalk.

Sidewalks along Farmington Road close

A portion of the western sidewalk along Farmington Road will remain closed until complete in the spring.

Please see the below pedestrian detour map. The red line indicates closed walkways and the blue line indicates open/alternative walkways.


Farmington Road changes at a glance

Businesses along Farmington Road will remain open during the project!!!

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