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2023 Sidewalk Program

Beginning on Monday, July 10, sidewalk replacement work is scheduled to begin. Please see the map below that identifies which sidewalks will be replaced.

During the construction process, sidewalk will only be removed and replaced in select areas and not along entire streets. Residents will be notified at least 24 hours in advance if sidewalk across their driveway will be removed and replaced, affecting access. The contractor and/or City (OHM Advisors) inspector will contact you prior to this work commencing.
In preparation for sidewalk replacement, residents are asked to identify and mark any and all sprinkler heads or other irrigation-related devices in their front yards. Flags or stakes work best though any marking which easily identifies the location is much appreciated. By identifying sprinkler heads and irrigation systems now the possibility for them to be damaged during construction activities is immensely decreased.
No road closures are anticipated for the completion of the work proposed in this project. It is the contractor’s intention to perform the sidewalk replacement work in a manner that is minimal to traffic interruption.
Please keep children and pets away from the construction operation.  Construction activities, and the associated equipment that goes with it, is attractive to small children and can be dangerous. Please keep children away from the equipment and wet concrete. 
If you have any specific questions regarding the project, such as scheduling, parking or access, please call the City Public Works Department at (248) 473-7250, Mr. Mike McNutt, Engineer for OHM at (313) 516-4735, Mr. David Sowell, Construction Inspector for OHM at (734) 770-4083, or Mr. Austin Downie, Engineer for OHM at (734) 466-4437.