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Recycling Information

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2023 Solid Waste and Recycling Dashboard Metrics 

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Fats, Oils and Grease Prevention Protects the Environment

Excessive fats, oils and grease in sewer pipes, referred to as FOG, blocks pipes and can create pollution problems. FOG enters sewer pipes through restaurant, residential and commercial sink drains. Once in the sewer, FOG sticks to the pipe, thickens, and can eventually block the entire pipe. Blockages in sewer pipes can send sewage backward up floor drains in homes and/or out of manholes into streets and rivers. These sewage overflows pollute our homes and our environment.

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RRRASOC Announces New App

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Household Hazardous Waste

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Shredded Paper

RRRASOC is asking that residents no longer place shredded paper into the recycling, but into regular trash due to shredded paper not able to be effectively captured at the materials recovery facility.  

Shredded paper placed into paper bags and into the recyling cart results in those bags opening or tearing, which causes the shredded paper to become mixed with other recyclables.  Therefore, the shredded paper becomes uncapturable and consitutes a contaminate to those other materials.

Shredded paper placed in plastic bags is also problematic in that the plastic bag constitutes a contaminate.  Plastic bags also reduce operational efficiencies and increase facility costs.

RRRASOC does offer personal document shredding (no businesses) to commnity member residents at the self-serve industrial paper shredder located at the RRRASOC Materials Recovery Facility, 20000 Eight Mile Road, Southfield.  The shredder is inside the door near the drop-off containers and is FREE to use Monday through Friday from 6:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

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RRRASOC Asks You "To Keep It Loose"Don-t-Bag-Your-Recyclables.jpg

Almost half of the items that come to RRRASOC's sorting facility is bagged.  The bagged recycling often gets thrown away because the automated system is unable to tear open the bag(s) to access the materials.

Plastic bags also cause tanglers that wrap around the machines sorting the materials.  Other items that tangle in the machines include wire hangers, ropes and chains, cords and wires, plastic wrap, clothing and hoses.

The only way to remove any tangler(s) is to shut down the entire sorting process and manually cut them from the machine.  This causes production downtime, increased operational expenses, equipment failure, and worker safety concerns.

Please help us keep bagged recyclables and tanglers out of the recycling process by keeping recyclables loose and following the recycling guidelines.

Please click here for RRRASOC's recycling guidelines.  You can also watch a video showing what happens to your recyclables at


Detroit News Recycling Safety Article

Detroit News published an article regarding the State of Michigan Department Environment, Great Lakes and Energy's (EGLE) "Know It Before You Throw It" education campaign on proper recycling practices that protect not only the environment, but also the workers.  The article interviews the first shift supervisor at RRRASOC's material recover facility (MRF) in Southfield.  Please click here to read the article and to also view EGLE's video.