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Mission Statement

The Multicultural/Multiracial (MCMR) Community Council of Farmington/Farmington Hills works to assure that all residents of our communities enjoy an harmonious, healthy environment and that they feel welcome and comfortable in their cities, schools, and neighborhoods. The Multicultural/Multiracial Council is dedicated to promoting community awareness and acceptance of diversity among its citizens.


The citizens of Farmington and Farmington Hills have begun the process of thinking together about serious cultural and racial issues. For harmony and civility and respect to thrive in the larger community, citizens must first be aware of groups other than their own. Individuals must be able to see--to recognize--the members of groups other than their own. The process of thinking together about these serious issues makes citizens more aware of social, cultural, and racial diversity, leading to positive attitudes and behavior. Respect and appreciation of the culture and traditions of others also leads to a re-discovery and appreciation of one's own culture. Indeed one of the strengths of American society and culture is diversity--not sameness.


The Council represents the people of Farmington and Farmington Hills in their efforts to respect, understand, and appreciate the various groups that make up American society. The thirty-five members of the Council include citizens, students, government and schools officials, and clergy. Standing committees and forums deal with specific issues.


The Council sponsors forums that include discussions, guest speakers, youth programs, and group participation. The Council recognizes the contributions of the many cultural, ethnic, and racial groups in our community as well as the work of individuals who are role models in promoting respect for the culture of others.

Cities and Board of Education Adopt Multicultural/Multiracial Community Council's Six Principles

The City Councils of both Farmington and Farmington Hills plus the Farmington Board of Education recently adopted the "guiding principles" of the Multicultural / Multiracial Community Council of Farmington and Farmington Hills.  Former mayor, James K. Mitchell said, "The principles will help guide our community leaders while promoting awareness and respect for diversity."

The Multicultural /Multiracial Community Council principles are a consensus drawn from the Council's community outreach effort which involves numerous rallies, presentations, forums, and focus group discussions with residents of different ages, cultures and races. Adopted at the annual joint meeting of the City Councils and the Board of Education, the six principles are:

  1. Racial, religious, cultural and ethnic diversity in our community will be respected, nurtured and celebrated.
  2. We believe that healthy communities maintain a comprehensive and balanced program of services which are open and accessible to all citizens.
  3. We believe in equal education opportunities.
  4. We believe in equal employment opportunities.
  5. We believe in equal access to housing.
  6. We believe in equally safe neighborhoods.

For more information call either the office of the City Manager of Farmington or the office of the City Manager of Farmington Hills.

Multicultural/Multiracial Community Council Rainbow Recognition Awards

 These awards, given by the Multicultural/Multiracial Community Council, are intended to honor individuals of any age who have actively promoted racial/cultural understanding in the community.