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A message from City Manager David Murphy - Thank you Farmington

Thank you Farmington

The City’s millage proposal for three mills was overwhelmingly approved in the Nov. 6 election. Thank you Farmington for your unwavering commitment and support to ensure the continued success of the community.

I’d like to specifically thank Farmington City Council for having the foresight to ask residents how they wanted to proceed in securing a viable future for the City and I’m grateful for Council’s dedication and hard work throughout the millage process. City administration worked countless hours to help get factual information into the hands of the voters and should be recognized as well.

With the financial sustainability of the community now secured, we will be working with the City Council, Planning Commission, Downtown Development Authority, Grand River Corridor Improvement Authority, as well as listening to you, the residents, to ensure these new tax dollars are spent the best way possible to move the city forward.

Thank you.




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