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Alexa, ask Recycling Directory where I can recycle garden plastic?

The Resource Recovery and Recycling Authority of Southwest Oakland County (RRRASOC) has just released its new Alexa Skill, Recycling Directory. Residents who have an Amazon Alexa enabled voice control device now have the convenience of immediately asking aloud how to recycle their plastic bottles, pizza boxes or other items as they still have them in hand!

Rather than navigate to a mobile or web application, residents can now ask Alexa how to correctly compost, recycle or dispose of items.

How do Residents access the Recycling Directory Alexa Skill? They can simply say, “Alexa, enable Recycling Directory. And thereafter ask questions like, “Where do I take CFLs?” or, “How do I get rid of unwanted clothes?”

The Recycling Directory Alexa Skill, along with the mobile and web application versions, provide residents with information on what and how to recycle any time of the day, using a variety of electronic platforms.

This new tool comes at a time when recycling contamination is a problem and it’s important for us to continue to inform residents in our nine member communities about how to recycle right in order to reduce contamination and increase quality of recyclable material.” Says Mike Csapo, RRRASOC’s General Manager.

Enable the Alexa Skill, download the mobile app or visit to search the Recycling Directory.
For more information, visit the RRRASOC website at or call 248-208-2270.




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