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Census data shows solid growth in City of Farmington

The 2020 Census data shows the City of Farmington has grown in population over the past 10 years by nearly 12 percent. The 2010 data shows the population at 10,372 residents and the 2020 data shows 11,597, which is an increase of 1,225. Household occupancy rate also went up 682 from 4,624 in 2021 to 5,306 in 2020.

Since 2010, two housing developments were added to the City including 33 single family homes in the Riverwalk subdivision and 11 new townhouse-style apartments as part of the Brownstones at the Orchards. Currently, the old 47th district courthouse property is being developed into Liberty Hill, a 13-single-family-home neighborhood, and in the future, the former Maxfield Training Center is planned to become 59 condominiums.

Local realtor Roxanne Fitzpatrick, from Keller Williams, said she believes Farmington is one of the better priced cities that has a downtown.  Century 21 Realtor Tom Lawarne agrees, “first and foremost, buyers are looking for more affordable places to live such as the smaller towns that offer sidewalks to downtown entertainment areas with restaurants, free mini concerts, farmers markets, grocery stores, and just a small-town business district. People like the spirit of local community involvement, and an atmosphere of supporting each other.”

According to Economic and Community Development Director Kevin Christiansen, both the per capita and median household income have also increased. “These increases all appear to be a result in the continuing interest to live, work, shop and play in the City of Farmington,” said Economic Community Development Director Kevin Christiansen.
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