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Farmington City Council agrees to use Farmington Hills Ambulance Service as community provider

Farmington City Council unanimously voted to enter into an agreement with Farmington Hills Fire Department to provide advanced life support (ALS) services to the City of Farmington. The vote occurred at a Special City Council Meeting held on March 11, 2024.
For several years, Farmington Emergency Medical Services (EMS) were provided by Superior Ambulance Service. In December of 2023, Superior Ambulance informed the City of Farmington
they would no longer provide ALS services without subsidy effective March 15, 2024. This was the catalyst behind Farmington Public Safety Director Bob Houhanisin soliciting EMS proposals from other area providers in search of the most suitable provider.
The Farmington Hills Fire Department proposed advanced life support EMS service and transport for $275,000 annually with a 5-minute average response time. This arrangement will go into effect on Friday, March 15. Farmington Hills plans to utilize its five stations that surround the City of Farmington to absorb the Farmington runs. Farmington Public Safety will continue to promptly respond to every call. 
Farmington City Council is now working with administration to determine the best way to fund this new expense.
“This investment demonstrates the council's unwavering commitment to ensuring the safety and well-being of Farmington's residents,” said Farmington City Manager David Murphy. We are committed to prioritizing the health and safety of our community members.”
Farmington Hills Fire Chief Jon Unruh agrees, “the men and women of our organization are looking forward to providing exceptional treatment and care to the sick and injured in the City of Farmington while working alongside Farmington Public Safety Officers. We truly feel that this decision provides the very best model of EMS delivery to the residents and guests of the City of Farmington.”

Farmington looks forward to the positive impact this decision will have on the overall health and welfare of its citizens.




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