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Farmington Public Safety’s Matthew Miracle Recognized as Officer of the Year for 2018

On Thursday, May 16th, the Farmington Public Safety Department held its annual Awards & Citation Banquet at the Freedom Gateway Center.  Over fifty (50) awards were presented to sworn and civilian public safety personnel in recognition of their incredible acts of bravery, life-saving acts, extraordinary teamwork and individual accomplishments.
Public Safety Officer Matthew Miracle received the night’s highest honor as he was recognized as the Officer of the Year for 2018 for leading the department’s accreditation project.  The Farmington Public Safety Department was awarded full accreditation through the Michigan Association of Chiefs of Police in June of 2018.  During the award presentation, Director Frank Demers said, “Officer Miracle coordinated all facets of the accreditation process including conducting research and analysis of all department policies and made recommendations to command staff about ways to improve operational and administrative orders.  He did all of this while assigned to the patrol division where he continued to be proactive in preventing crimes and enforcing traffic laws.”  Director Demers added, “Even with the considerable time he devoted to accreditation management, he continued to maintain high levels of productivity in the field and achieved above average performance evaluations.”
Public Safety Cadet Carly Wasielewski received the 2018 Civilian of the Year Award in recognition of her significant contributions to the department’s cadet program.

The public safety department enjoyed record crime lows in 2018.  In recognition of this achievement, Director Demers said, “None of this could have been accomplished without the hard work, dedication and professionalism or our public safety officers, our civilian staff and our reserve firefighters who are truly committed to the department’s mission.”




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