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Farmington Public Safety Commander Justin DuLong retires

Farmington Public Safety Commander Justin DuLong retired today after 25 years of service. He came to Farmington in 1998 as a Public Safety Officer and worked his way up the ranks. He chose Farmington because it was a Public Safety Department and the firefighting aspect of it intrigued him.
“Justin’s work ethic was impeccable,” said Farmington Public Safety Director Bob Houhanisin. “He hardly ever called in sick and never complained. He led by example. I will truly miss him and will always cherish the shifts we had together.”
Director Houhanisin recalled when he was one of Commander Dulong’s recruits, “He cared about his officers and wanted to do everything in his power to keep up safe.”
Commander DuLong says he loves the Farmington Community, its people, and the walkability of it.
“We moved here, raised our kids here, the schools are great.”
According to Commander DuLong, it’s things like the Farmers Market and Harvest Moon Celebration that pull the community together, but it’s the Farmington Run Club that tops his list.
Commander DuLong said he’ll miss the fellowship of his job with Farmington, he stressed that “all” of his colleagues are great people. He also thanked his family for their unwavering support.
“Commander DuLong has set the bar for professionalism within the Public Safety Department,” concluded City Manager David Murphy.




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