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Farmington Public Safety announces program to help motorists with broken light lenses

The Farmington Public Safety Department is proud to announce a new service program called Operation Red Tape.  Operation Red Tape provides red translucent tape to public safety officers while on patrol.  If an officer makes a traffic stop for a broken taillight or brake light with white light emitting from the damaged light, it allows for the officer to temporarily fix the light instead of writing the driver a ticket.  By fixing the light, it prevents the driver from being pulled over multiple times for the same infraction until the vehicle owner can get the equipment fixed permanently.
“Operation Red Tape is another example of a service that we deliver to our residents and visitors to Farmington.  The program promotes positive police/community contacts which is very important to the community policing philosophy we try to deliver every day.  The program has been a success since we rolled it out late last year with a lot of positive feedback from motorists”, said Public Safety Director Ted Warthman.





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