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Farmington Shiawassee Connection Project is to receive funding from Congresswoman Haley Stevens’ Community Funding Project

The City of Farmington is one of 15 communities to benefit from the Omnibus Spending Bill. The City requested $2.1 million for the removal and replacement of the existing stairs and bridge at Shiawassee Park with a new ADA compliant boardwalk and bridge. This project will connect the downtown with Shiawassee Park.

On Dec. 23, the House passed a $1.7 trillion-dollar omnibus spending package to fund the federal government through fiscal year 2023. This spending package includes $16.4 million total for Rep. Stevens’ fifteen community funding projects and $25 million for Rep. Stevens’ Chipping in Act, to help train the advanced semiconductor workforce of the future. 
Rep. Stevens Secures $16.4 Million for Fifteen Community Projects Included in Omnibus Spending Bill | Congresswoman Haley Stevens (




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