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Farmington residents may be asked to participate in a Broadband Survey

Broadband Feasibility Phone Survey In 2018, the Cities of Farmington and Farmington Hills formed a Joint Municipal Broadband Taskforce. This group of residents was asked to explore ways to accelerate the deployment of broadband (the next-generation fiber optic network) in Farmington and Farmington Hills. Broadband is a high-capacity transmission technique using a wide range of frequencies, which enables a large number of messages to be communicated simultaneously.

High-speed broadband internet access is being explored as a new component in the City’s plan for economic growth and development. The Broadband Taskforce was given the job of determining how these networks could best serve the public.

As part of the ongoing study of broadband feasibility, both cities are conducting a random short phone survey. Survey results will determine whether the community supports bringing in a new independent fiber optic network that would be separate from the existing phone and cable company networks.

If you are randomly selected to take this short phone survey, you will help the community determine the level of interest in pursuing a faster fiber optic broadband network




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