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Farmington voters may get new precincts

Some Farmington residents will soon have a different voting precinct. The changes will be in effect for the August 2, 2022 primary election.

At the April 18 Farmington City Council Meeting, Council unanimously approved a special ordinance consolidating six of Farmington’s precincts into five and revising the precinct boundaries. The City Election Commission also approved these changes.

Farmington City Clerk Mary Mullison explained that due to greater absent voter participation and polling place considerations, she recommended that the city consolidate to five precincts. “This allows for efficiency of operations, as well as cost savings,” she added. Timing was also right, “at this time, all voters will need to be notified of post-census voting district changes and it made sense to consolidate precincts at the same time,” explained Mullison.

This change comes as only 30 to 40 percent of voters who participated in recent elections voted in person. The last time changes were made to the City’s precincts was 1973.

To make this effort as seamless as possible, the Clerk’s office has launched an interactive precinct map. Users simply enter their address, and a map will highlight their precinct along with polling information, such as location. Precinct border changes were planned to affect the fewest voters possible, so not all voters will have a new precinct. Some voters will be closer to their polling location. Click here for the interactive map:

The City will roll out a comprehensive communications plan to ensure voters are notified. All registered voters in the city will be receiving a new voter identification card sometime next month. The QR code is linked to the interactive map, which was designed by the City engineering firm, OHM Advisors.




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