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First mailing of ballots goes out Sept. 30

Have you requested a ballot yet? The first mailing of ballots for the November 2 Election goes out in the mail today!
You will receive your ballot package in the blue envelope. Vote your ballot, insert it in the orange secrecy sleeve and insert the secrecy sleeve into the green envelope for return to the Farmington Clerk’s Office. For fastest return, drop off the signed green envelope with ballot inside to either drop box outside of Farmington City Hall or come in during business hours to deposit it in our red bin at the counter.  You can also mail it back, but be mindful of the time it takes the PO to deliver!
It's not too late to request an Absentee Ballot – come in and get it over the counter or let us know to send an application to you. You can also find our application and other info on the upcoming election here:,-2021-City-Election.aspx




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