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Grand River Corridor Improvement Authority completes new Vision Plan

The Grand River Corridor Improvement Authority recently submitted its 2022 Vision Plan Update to City Council. The Grand River Corridor Vision Plan sets forth a collective vision for the future of redevelopment along the Grand River Corridor.

The cities of Farmington and Farmington Hills jointly developed the Grand River Corridor Improvement Authority to create, and then implement, the corridor vision plan. The authority is committed to promote economic growth, mixed uses, well-designed and environmentally responsible development, historic preservation, attractive streetscapes and landscapes, and create new opportunities for pedestrian access. The City of Farmington’s portion of the proposed development primarily includes commercial uses on either side of Grand River from Mayfield Street to Cora Avenue.

The Plan is an essential tool for both the Farmington and Farmington Hills communities and the joint Corridor Improvement Authority Board. While the majority of the plan and recommendations are still viable, certain elements of the plan required a re-visitation, based on new existing conditions and shifts in community needs and desires. This plan update works to ensure it remains relevant and addresses current issues and opportunities in the corridor, and rapidly changing market conditions.

Please see the plan below.




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