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Shiawassee Road Bridge Restoration Project underway

On Aug. 1, 2019, work began on the stabilization of the Shiawassee Road Bridge stream bank near Farmington Road. It is scheduled to be substantially complete on Sept. 1, with additional restoration continuing through December 15. Restoration will include the planting of ground cover, trees and live stakes -- live stakes are native vegetation that is harvested and transplanted at a different location. When the vegetation roots in and begins to grow, it will naturally stabilize the stream-bank from erosion.

Every two years, the Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) requires all bridges to be inspected -- scouring of the soil near the foundation of the Shiawassee Road Bridge was detected during one of the inspections. 

The project contractor has requested and obtained permission from Farmington Public Schools Property to install temporary fencing at the base of the Shiawassee Sled Hill -- Shiawassee and Farmington roads – for project staging. Upon completion of the project, the construction fencing will be removed and the area restored by the contractor at no cost to the City.




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